[Scribus] vertical alignment of text frames?

David Soukal david.soukal
Wed Jun 29 00:21:13 CEST 2005


I have a question regarding the possibility of vertical alignment of
text frames. I couldn't find this function anywhere. I think it might
come handy for vertical alignment of selected elements: for example to
vertically align a heading with a color rectangle below it. Since the
text frame of the heading is always a bit bigger than the text itself,
the Align & Distribute dialog box won't do the trick.

Do you have any trick how to achieve this? I tried to make the text
frame's height about the height of the text it self, but without any
effect. Even if I set the line spacing to zero, I won't be able to
resize the text frame to fit the text. Everytime I resize the box to
have height just about the height of the text, the text is clipped.

On similar note, is it possible to center-align vertically/horizontally
things about a guidline?

This is no big deal at all, I'm just thinking about my convenience :)

Thank you!


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