[Scribus] Re: Registration marks

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Jun 26 20:29:13 CEST 2005

Maciej Hanski wrote:

>Of course, I could have done it myself as many, many times before :) But
>this Wiki shouldn't deteriorate into one or two men show -- that's why
>I'm trying to show people with solid professional background like Louis
>and some others obviously are, how  easy it is to create a Wiki article.
It's interesting you should bring this up.  It leads me to think that we 
need to establish the No. 1 Rule of the Wiki:

    1. If you suggest that something "should be on the Scribus Wiki", it 
is your *obligation* to immediately proceed to the Wiki site and begin 
this entry yourself.  Otherwise, you risk that your next compiling of 
CVS will be plagued by irreconcilable errors, and possibly even damage 
to your system.


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