[Scribus] Re : Scribus compiled with msvc.net 2002 : let's start debugging

Jean Ghali jghali
Sun Jun 26 18:01:50 CEST 2005

 >> - was curious with the internals of a page layout program
 >> - wanted to gain some experience with qt and evaluate qtwin-free
 >> usability for my own non-professional use

 > I'm surprised you're doing that now, with Qt4 for Windows only months 
 > away, at most. I guess there are a lot of Qt3 apps out there that 
will > be a lot of work to port to Qt4 though - Scribus certainly being 
one of them.

The reason is combined interest in Scribus and Qt. Moreover although Qt4 
will be available for Windows, only g++ will be supported first. But I 
have few doubt that someone will provide required patches for Borland 
C++ and Visual Studio support sooner or later...

 >> - got rid of dlfcn header by reimplementing plugin management using 

 >If those changes are fairly well separated, would you mind sending a
 >patch for them my way? We're going to need to convert everything to use
 >QLibrary for win32 sooner or later, and if you've done the work I'd 
 >like to merge it.

As soon as possible.

 > I have some work scheduled on the plug-in API shortly, actually, and 
 > I'd really like to get your opinion on it from a win32 portability
perspective. I'll send you some details shortly.

Ok, when you're ready.

 >> - win32 ScPainter use GDI functions ( qtwin-free bitBlt functions do 
 >> function properly for now )
 >That's very interesting. It works well?

No problem detected so far...

 >> - make Scribus automatically locate ghostscript using registry
 >> - make Scribus use ghostscript dll instead of gswin32c.exe

 >I'm a bit leery of that one. By spawning ghostscript as a child 
 >process, we isolate ourselves from anything nasty that happens to it 
 >due to bad input, bad fonts, etc. GhostScript tends to be quite 
stable, >but even so that makes me a little nervous.

Your opinion makes perfectly sense. Viewed like this, I completely agree 
with you. I had thought using the dll as a way simplifying installation 
for Windows users, by providing the GPL dll ( is it possible? ).

 >> - for fun, start printing support using QPrinter, Paul having visibly
 >> taken the wxPrinter way.

 >I've forwarded you some mail on that matter. Note that QPrinter, at
 >least in Qt3, apparently just can't do what we need it to be able to,
 >but there are potential alternatives.

Quite interesting...

Craig Ringer

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