[Scribus] GCC 4 picklist

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Sun Jun 26 10:25:25 CEST 2005

I installed Fedora Core 4 on this computer the other day and
recompiled Scribus using the included GCC 4.  Now, when I click to
select my text font or text colour, instead of getting a vertical
scrolling list in a window like I used to, I get a full screen
multi-column list of the available choices.

This is not necessarily a bad thing as you get kind of a panoramic
overview of the available colours (for example), so it's quicker to
select something that looks good.  However, when the available screen
space is less than the number of available choices, the end of the
list goes off of the right-hand side of the screen and can't be seen.

How can I either get the vertical scrolling list back?  Alternatively,
how can I move over to the right to see the rest of the available

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