[Scribus] pixelated images in pdf

frank gaude' tanzen
Sun Jun 26 05:17:28 CEST 2005

Eric P wrote:

>>..it worked!  FYI, the resulting pdf was approx. double the size of the
>>300 dpi one.
>Thought I'd bring this thread back.  I just did a complete distro change
>(from SuSE to Debian Sarge), and I still notice the problem (detailed
>I needed to create another pdf and export the images to 96dpi, and I
>found a strange workaround to this problem.  Initially, I tried to
>replace the image.  This didn't work.  However, if I merely save the
>image as another name, and 'Get Picture' again, this fixes the problem.
> Strange.
>Is any one else experiencing this problem?
>Scribus 1.2.1
Eric, yes, off and on. I reported the problem in 1.2.1. Then in 1.2.2cvs 
I notice it in about 5% of the time. But I do something like you do, get 
another photo or change the name of it, and the problem goes away. I 
don't have a clue... and it is so hard to repeat. The good news is I've 
never seen it in 1.3cvs, dated 11 June 2005 *-C-T-F.

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