[Scribus] pixelated images in pdf

Eric P eric.maillist
Sun Jun 26 04:22:27 CEST 2005

Eric P wrote:
>> On Sunday 22 May 2005 21:21, Eric P wrote:
>>> Hi there.
>>> I've made 2 documents (20 pages and 8 pages) in Scribus so far. Both
>>> are essentially a ton of photos with a little bit of text. And in
>>> both documents I have had problem with a couple of the
>>> photos (seemingly random) being very pixelated in the pdf.
>>> Example.
>>> http://epierce.freeshell.org/multimedia/scribus01.jpg
>>> But when I export just the problem page to pdf, everything is fine
>>> (i.e., no unwarranted pixelation).
>>> http://epierce.freeshell.org/multimedia/scribus02.jpg
>>> Here are my pdf settings.
>>> http://epierce.freeshell.org/multimedia/scribus_pdf_settings.png
>>> All the imported images in this particular document (screen shots
>>> above) are jpg.  In the other they were pngs.  Same problem.
>>> I've found this to be a problem with 1.2.1 and 1.2.2cvs.
>>> Any ideas?
>>> Thanks!
>>> Eric P.
>> I'd start with disabling downsampling images as a test.
>> Peter
> ...it worked!  FYI, the resulting pdf was approx. double the size of the
> 300 dpi one.

Thought I'd bring this thread back.  I just did a complete distro change
(from SuSE to Debian Sarge), and I still notice the problem (detailed

I needed to create another pdf and export the images to 96dpi, and I
found a strange workaround to this problem.  Initially, I tried to
replace the image.  This didn't work.  However, if I merely save the
image as another name, and 'Get Picture' again, this fixes the problem.

Is any one else experiencing this problem?

Scribus 1.2.1

Eric P

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