[Scribus] Re: Ideas on collaboration [was: How do you guys share scribus files for collaboration?

frank gaude' tanzen
Sun Jun 26 03:15:16 CEST 2005

Asif Lodhi wrote:

> Hi Peter,
> On 6/22/05, Peter Nermander <m8130 at abc.se> wrote:
>>> Really? Unicode is very well supported these days, and should be the
>>> default of the majority of text editors. Additionally, I see few issues
>> So, can you tell me which editor on my Windows machine will handle 
>> unicode?
>> And also how do I insert for example an ohmega sign in that program?
>> (snip)
>> Notepad supports Unicode. You can insert any symbol through
>> "Character Map" utility (Start/Programs/Accessories/Character Map").
>> You have to save your text file in Unicode, however, by using
>> "File/Save As" option.
Let's now forget MS WordPad, it also supports Unicode. What typeface do 
you use, Peter, for the omega sign?


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