[Scribus] Registration marks

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sat Jun 25 17:01:36 CEST 2005

>Hi Louis,
>>>Many small shops I know use Quark/InDesign/Illustrator for 
>>>impositions. Thus, in the long run, the ability to do (at least) 
>>>impositions will become a necessary feature of scribus.
>>AFAIK none of these products have imposition capabilities as such. 
>>Quark doesn't, for sure, unless you get specific XTensions 
>In fact, all of these products do have some basic imposition tools. 
>Even Quark has them (at least XPress 6.5). But they only provide 
>basic tools such as sorting pages, no full scale imposition tool 
>set. I think what would be useful is a set of these basic imposition 
>tools such as sorting pages. It can be done on the command line now, 
>but that's not what most people like to do.

Hi Christoph,

Just a question, because I never tried it: aren't the Scribus scripts 
able to handle this kind of "entry level" imposition? I was under the 
impression that yes. So maybe the script could be made more user 
friendly? At that point, could it be only a matter of interface, not 

>>A prepress house or dept. that has to fulfill the needs of offset 
>>presses on a daily basis will never be able to get away without a 
>>fully dedicated imposition application... or at the cost of 
>>time-consuming operations with tools that are not made for that. :)
>Agreed. When I was talking about printers who like to blame others 
>for failures, I was thinking of small printing shops. A failed print 
>will hit them harder than a large publisher. But the solution is to 
>establish a chain of trust instead of a chain of blame, and we're 
>back to workflow  :-)


Indeed! We're always back to that point! Workflow is the mother of us 
all! Actually, I have lots of confidence in this list, and the wiki, 
and the docs, to fill the gap between good applications and good ways 
of using them. And of course, we should remember that only humans can 
be blamed if something goes wrong!

>As for the rest of what you wrote, I naturally agree. The layout 
>people don't and can't control the whole process. Reliable PDFs, as 
>produced by scribus, are a good foundation of a seamless printing 


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