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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Jun 22 16:23:07 CEST 2005


Hi Brian,

Welcome to Scribus!

>The problem I see is that I want to map the paragraph styles on import into
>one of the few that I use within the scribus document. I haven't found a way
>to do this and I seem to either have to change the style of each paragraph
>before importing it to the same name I use in the scribus document or change
>it after importing it or end up with a multitude of styles by prefixing.
>What I think I would like to do is to be given a dialog box that let me map
>from the document's styles into the existing styles in the scribus document.
>Is this possible, if not is it planned?

This is planned with 1.3. There are at least 4 feature requests on 
bugs.scribus.net about or related to style mapping. Issue # 403, 
1546, 1579 and 1710. You can review what others think, register 
yourself (no pain!) and enter the discussion as you wish. If you 
don't find something to suit your needs, either add a comment or 
create a new feature request.


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