[Scribus] Ideas on collaboration [was: How do you guys share scribus files for collaboration?

Brian Wallis bwallis
Wed Jun 22 15:30:18 CEST 2005

I'm a new scribus user of only a few of weeks experience. I'm learning scribus 
so I can take over the layout of a monthly printed club magazine of around 44 
pages starting in October. The current person doing the layout uses Adobe 
InDesign, Photoshop and Distiller on Mac (It's also his profession), I intend 
to use scribus, Gimp/Cinepaint and whatever other FOSS software I can find to 
do the job :-)

So far I am most impressed. I'm using the 1.3cvs version (on gentoo) on the 
assumption that it will be pretty stable by the time I have to do this for 
real. I've done a layout of about half of an old issue and it has gone well, 
I was able to pretty much duplicate the current layout without a lot of 

But that is not the point of this email...

On Wednesday 22 June 2005 9:13 pm, Louis Desjardins wrote:
> If we can get away without markup, then I think it is only going to
> be easier for everybody. I don't see how we could get people from all
> over the place markup their text just to help the DTP guys or to fit
> a specific workflow. It has to flow! The one thing we want to avoid
> is taking up the phone and start to explain to a writer how he/she
> should send his/her text!

Agreed. The inputs to this magazine come in various forms but we have an 
editing team who gather and edit the articles and pass them on mostly as Word 
documents with various paragraph styles (and some just plain text). This 
isn't a problem as Open Office does a good job now days of reading word 
documents. So I then save as sxc and then import the document into scribus. 

The problem I see is that I want to map the paragraph styles on import into 
one of the few that I use within the scribus document. I haven't found a way 
to do this and I seem to either have to change the style of each paragraph 
before importing it to the same name I use in the scribus document or change 
it after importing it or end up with a multitude of styles by prefixing.

What I think I would like to do is to be given a dialog box that let me map 
from the document's styles into the existing styles in the scribus document. 
Is this possible, if not is it planned?



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