[Scribus] Ideas on collaboration

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Wed Jun 22 08:32:56 CEST 2005

* Christoph Sch?fer <christoph-schaefer at gmx.de> [2005-06-22 03:46:35 +0200]:

> Gorgeous! Thank You! That's real life! But again, submitting text to a 
> database and to let the DTP people simply update the files and therefore 
> the _frames_ before producing the plates could make the whole process a 
> lot easier.


Would you make a definite statement that you are considering the text frames
to be an adequate level of abstraction? Would there be a need to become more
granular and go to text blocks within the text frames? As we transition to
character styles, every contiguous block of text that belongs to the same
character style becomes a separate entity that can be referenced and
substituted in its entirety. I would really like to arrive at a consensus
about the "editable text block" granularity if possible.

> >With the Web, can we state everything is now part of a huge database? 
> >Then, text should be considered as such: data. And be treated 
> >accordingly. With the proper tools.

It seems that the discussion leads us to the conclusion that every scribus
object, not just text but svg, eps, raster images and whatever else, is
becoming a data entity. Then a document is put together by referencing these
entities and providing canvas co-ordinates and functional relationships
(page/layer for example) between them.

> And the proper education of authors, I'd like to add.
> >In the end, I think it is only easier to narrow text to one source 
> >and then format.
> >
> >The same applies to pictures, but this is another discussion!
> 100 % agreed!
> Christoph



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