[Scribus] How do you guys share scribu files for collaboration?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Jun 20 17:13:23 CEST 2005

Craig Ringer wrote:

>The method currently used at work - which doesn't use Scribus, but Quark
>presently has similar limitations (without expensive CMS support
>add-ons) - is to:
>	- have all editorial done in word processors, subbed, and only
>	  then imported into Quark
>	- Use one file per page to avoid access conflicts. Our printers
>	  want one PDF file per page anyway, so this works well. We'd
>	  just integrate the pages in Adobe Acrobat if they wanted a
>	  single document.
>	- Create ads as EPS files then import them into the pages. This
>	  helps further separate the various chunks of work and let
>	  people work on an ad while the page with that ads is being
>	  worked on by someone else.
>	  This might not work so great in Scribus because linked EPS/PDF
>	  files are presently rasterised on import. If that's OK for
>	  you, then cool. Otherwise you may want to find a different
>          approach.
I would think that the approach would have to be customized to the 
nature of the workgroup.  Depends on what various people need to edit -- 
text, images, or layout.  Sharing of the .sla files is highly 
problematic, especially if you have more than two people making changes 
-- how do you reconcile 3 or more different .sla versions?
Some variation on what Craig is saying makes the most sense -- sharing 
elements.  Whoever collaborate on something like overall layout would 
have to have their own system worked out.  It seems that one of the 
kinds of feedback we see on the list has to do with standardizing (to 
some degree) layouts for repetitively issued things like newsletters, in 
which case the content is the main issue.


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