[Scribus] Importing EPSF files in Scribus by pstoedit!

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jun 10 15:44:50 CEST 2005

Suki Venkat, [TnQ] wrote:

>Thanks Craig Ringer for the reply. If I try import EPS/PS then I
>sometimes get "Scribus crashes due to Signal #11" message box (I am
>using Scribus 1.3.0cvs on Fedora Core 3 Intel PC). I still bravely did
>that but the result was no better. I opened the EPSF file in my emacs
>and looked inside to find that the fonts are mentioned but my knowledge
>of postscript was not sufficient to see how they have done it. I have
>attached the EPSF file for your perusal. They have mentioned that it is
>Times-Italic (I used \usepackage{times} in my teTeX) but on screen in
>Scribus (and in PDF) the EPSF file looks as if the Times-font has got
>quite a beating!
>Thanks are also due to Craig Bradney for the source code (the link to
>the source-code at www.pstoedit.net is now working!), now my "pstoedit"
>is working (after doing ./configure, make, make install), but then I
>have to look now for Sketch, I suppose...
Here is a Plan B that works (to a degree):

You can try using pdflatex from your .tex file, then importing the 
resultant PDF into an image frame, after which you crop and position to 
get your equation into the frame.  Using '\Large{}' or '\Huge{}' 
modifiers in the .tex file keeps from having to magnify the PDF too much 
in Scribus.
You could put several equations on one page, then crop and position 
differently the same file in each image frame.  Also worth fiddling with 
top and oddside margins to get the equations closer to the page edge.

I'm using FC3 and Scribus1.30cvs.  I note that I can't print from 
Scribus (doesn't show up) -- this may be due to my inferior gs (7.07), I 
don't know.  BUT, it does successfully export to PDF and print from 
Adobe Reader, albeit with some barking ("Image is a placed PDF" >> 
Ignore Errors).


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