[Scribus] Appropriate platform for compiling scribus

Steven Boothe steven.boothe
Tue Jun 7 03:32:45 CEST 2005

Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
> Hi all,
> after having experienced Mandrake (9.2., 10, 10.1) as a wash-out when it 
> came to compiling from source since more than a year, I am looking out 
> for a distro that has everything aboard without giving me too many 
> headaches with respect to dependencies. I consider buying SuSE 9.3. Has 
> anybody experience with that distro?

Wow. That's interesting to see that things hadn't changed. You write of
the exact kind of experience I had during the 7.x-8.x series before I
ultimately made the same decision to look elsewhere. Being poor, I opted
to give Gentoo a try and found it to my liking for almost two years,
before finally going through the exercise of testing new distros again.
I settled on Mepis and found it a nice compromise between usability and
still being development friendly. I didn't have any trouble getting
Scribus to compile on it. Maybe give it a try since it is easy enough to
download and try out first.



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