[Scribus] German forum needed for business

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Jun 5 04:11:16 CEST 2005

Craig Bradney wrote:

>This has been discussed before, more than once. 
>For now, this list is multi lingual, but predominantly English by 
>nature/history/etc. Non English users should feel free to post in their 
>native language as well. If we dont have an answer then they may need to 
>repost in another language if we havent understood. I think we have a decent 
>number of languages covered and we can get by for now like this.
>We are dedicated to providing a high level of user support and once we feel we 
>can provide enough support to a forums site, we will have one. 
If we consider that much of the learning that many of us get about 
features, "how-do-I-___" type questions comes from reading the answer to 
someone else's question, I would hope that we can all benefit from 
having one central place and not fragmented to various languages.
When someone is uncomfortable with English, or wishes to be able to 
disseminate the answer(s) to non-English speakers, then posting in 
German, for example, could be taken as a cue that the response should be 
in German, even if it follows or is accompanied by one in English.  
We've had plenty of bilingual posts.

One of the benefits of the list has been getting multiple answers from 
different list members; even in the Scribus team itself there is much 
more knowledge in the team as a whole than there is with any individual 
on the team (hope I didn't hurt anyone's feelings).


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