[Scribus] German forum needed for business

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Sat Jun 4 19:34:49 CEST 2005

>On Sat, 4 Jun 2005 17:16:09 +0200
>Ekkard Gerlach <ekkardgerlach at aiai.de> wrote:
>>  Like already mentioned I'm a 2-person business (might be with
>>  some students next weeks, see flyers on the walls of University
>>  of Karlsruhe sticked thursday). It's my secretary and not me who
>>  has to make flyers - and my secretary can't understand/speak
>>  english. So she normally stops working when a problem occurs and
>  > can't ask in this list.

Please do ask (see below for more) !

>  >
>>  I assume that it's very often that some secretaries have to make
>>  flyers and not admins that speak english. A german forum (and
>>  also a forum in other languages!) would help much to improve
>>  scribus.
>Are you thinking of a solution like phpBB  ( http://www.phpbb.com/ ,
>here my favourite one: http://forum.tuxbox.org/forum/index.php )? Finely
>split into German, French, etc.? I was thinking about it myself, it
>works fine for other communities... On the other hand, we are not so
>many, and the current magnificent cooperation between the developers and
>us users/supporters/translators could easily get lost, if we decide 
>to attend different forums.
>I don't know...


Maciej is right, we are not so many. For that reason, I have a strong 
preference right now to keep it as it is. I have absolutely no 
problem with posts in any languages, the only drawback being to have 
sometimes a smaller group of knowledgeable people to answer a 
specific post (and when is the case, the workaround is to translate 
the question...). I think Craig Bradney pointed out that this might 
be the only real issue: having someone to reply quick in one specific 
language. Also, some posts are easier than other to help people with. 
The point here is to be able to give a hand, and not necessarily 
write in sustained language! Sometimes, just a few words will help 
solve the case or give a helpful hint. I don't think we ever came 
across an issue that was not responded (sometimes we even empty the 
question thoroughly! :)

This has also a nice side effect: exposure to other languages can be 
very stimulating!

We cover lots of ground right now and could only cover more by 
letting people know we do have a high level of communication 
capabilities and that we do care about communicating! In my view, 
this could not be possible in separate forums and could only be more 
complicated. Again, I am saying that *right now*. I understand that 
if a larger group of users wants to get organized and have time, 
energy and know-how to do it (I am thinking of the portuguese and the 
polish wiki), then why not!

On my part, I am ready to help with posts in French, English and 
Italian + a little German and a little Russian. Please don't push too 
hard on the last two, my knowledge is very narrow!




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