[Scribus] German success-stories

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Sat Jun 4 02:54:42 CEST 2005

Hi Jan Ulrich,

I did some work for companies (company history, company presentation 
etc.) and I will create an exhibition catalogue for a museum at the end 
of the year. Unfortunately, the companies didn't permit to upload the 
files to the scribus wiki, and the museum probably won't agree either.

Anyway, with the exception of scanning old photographs, the whole work 
has been done with FOSS (OOo, GIMP, Inkscape, scribus etc.).

I made at least two funny observations during my work:

1) I had to restore some old and really bad photographs (something like 
a photograph of a photograph of a photograph from the beginning of the 
20th century). GIMP did by far the best job. Photoshop and PhotoPaint 
weren't even close.

2) One of the printers, who also does design work, decided to give 
scribus a try on two machines (he employs some FOSS friendly folks) 
after receiving scribus' PDFs. Don't ask me for the name of the company. 
They don't want to suffer from pressure from Quark and Adobe.

Probably the most important point to notice is that scribus has already 
passed the real world test. Working with FOSS is not as flawless as it 
is with Adobe's products, but it works! And, most important, the output 
is reliable.

Check the roadmaps of GIMP, Inkscape and scribus. If all the goals can 
be achieved and Adobe, Quark or someone else don't put some patent spoke 
in the wheels of FOSS development, I expect serious competition for the 
establishment within the next 2 years.

Viele Gr??e


> Hi,
> besides the Wikireader, are there any success-stories in Germany,  
> Austria or the Suisse?
> juh

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