[Scribus] How to install version 1.3

PLinnell mrdocs
Sat Jun 4 00:21:30 CEST 2005

On Friday 03 June 2005 21:50, Gregory Pittman wrote:
> Craig Ringer wrote:
> >On Fri, 2005-06-03 at 08:12 -0400, John wrote:
> >>I wanted to play with version 1.3.
> >>
> >>Like, maybe I can install Fedora Core 3,
> >>and add 2 packages and then it will work....?
> >

> I would agree with Craig...Linux is Linux is Linux, but I also use
> FC3, and the nice thing is, once you have all the packages
> installed, if you regularly update your system with yum or apt-get
> you will stay well ahead of any requirements or advantages from up
> to date versions.  The one package that I note perhaps isn't so is
> ghostscript -- I update regularly and FC3 tells me it is using
> v7.07 (but this is adequate for operation of Scribus 1.2 and 1.3).

Upgrading Ghostscript for Fedora is an enourmous task, given the 
number of printers Fedora supports. I've discussed this at length 
with Tim Waugh their maintainer and FC-5 is a good guess at seeing GS 
> With *any* distro, there isn't any standard install that will get
> you everything you need (I suppose if you told FC3 to install
> "everything" that would cover it, but that eats hard drive space
> and install time like crazy) -- best to do a custom install so you
> know you're getting everything you need, then immediately update.

One way around this is when installing choose "development 
workstation" in the initial install. This brings in all the packages 
needed for building not just scribus, but many other programs.
> LCMS is a requirement for v1.3 -- there is an FC3 rpm for that.
> I don't think we yet know what problems FC4 (now at FC4-RC3) will
> bring -- there is a major gcc version jump that may be problematic.
>  FC3 is often said to be "bleeding edge", FC4 may lead to gnashing
> of teeth and excessive hemorrhaging at present.  We probably need
> the wild and crazy guys like Paul to tell us when FC4 is OK.

I've sucessfully build Scribus 1.2.2 on Fedora-4 Test versions with 
GCC-4. Nothing unusual, except more warnings (GCC-4 is *much* pickier 
about certain things) and GCC-4 is faster compiling c++ code.


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