[Scribus] How to install version 1.3

Claudius Wettstein claudius.wettstein
Fri Jun 3 16:23:33 CEST 2005

Am Freitag, 3. Juni 2005 14:12 schrieb John:
> I wanted to play with version 1.3.  So I did the CVS thing; that
> went fine.  Then I came to ./configure.  Sheesh, I need this, I
> need that, I need that, seemed like a thousand things weren't
> right.
> I took a few passes at upgrading and installing various things that
> it was whining about, but no joy.
Hi John,

maybe this info could help you: While the output of the 
"configure"-script always complaints simply about missing packages, 
most of the cases it's just the corresponding devel-package that is 
missing, since most distro divides packages into the program package 
you need to run the prog and a package with headers you need for 
developing (and thus compiling). 

So make sure, you have all devel-packages of the "missing" things 

HTH and cheers

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