Ant: [Scribus] Scribus in C Vu

MaHan ma_han2000
Thu Jun 2 17:12:42 CEST 2005

--- Paul <paul at> wrote:

> As for a test build.... as soon as the damned thing
> stays running for
> more than 30 seconds, it'll be posted. Simple as
> that. In the past, I've
> been singed by putting up screenshots and then
> through external factors,
> not been able to progress sufficiently. It's really
> annoying for me and
> is even worse for users.

Hi Paul,
thank you very much for this explanation, it clarifies
a lot. I hope it isn't too much, if I ask you for a
little favour: please do update this feature request now and then. I
mean, all other things like blogs, wikis, etc. are
optional, but considering the public interest for this
port, we should have something up to date to point
people to, and this if possible inside the Scribus
"sphere". The other reason is, some people monitor
this RFE and get automatic mail notifications on every
update, some of them volunteered as testers -- is better suited for interaction with
users, testers, and other developers than blogs etc,
why splitting your sparse ressources?

Thank you anyway and all the best

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