Ant: [Scribus] Scribus in C Vu

MaHan ma_han2000
Thu Jun 2 11:20:34 CEST 2005

--- Paul <paul at> schrieb:

> Hi,
> Just to let you know that the Association of C and
> C++ User Magazine, C
> Vu, is starting a mini series on the porting of
> Scribus to Win32. It
> also covers many other porting issues related to
> projects I'm involved
> with.
> C Vu is a referenced journal, so it can be cited in
> research
> documentation and can also be used as a technical
> reference for research
> appraisal (it therefore now counts as an active
> research project within
> Higher & Further Education).
> The mag is due out in July and I'll post the PDF of
> the article on my
> all-the-johnsons site after publication.

it's good to hear there will be yet another place
where we can read about your work on the Windows port.
What confuses me a little bit (and please don't
misunderstand me, I don't mean to sound rude), is why
don't you use the already existing Scribus team
infrastructure to inform about your progress? There is
this feature request assigned to
you, where your last note dates from December 2003,
not to mention your outdated blog and there have been
many unanswered questions regarding this windows port
. There are other places within the Scribus
infrastructure like,,
etc., where you can place a nice screen shot, or a
test build for Wind32 -- why not using them?



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