[Scribus] Translators needed: DTP/Printing glossary on the Wiki

Ludi Maciel iludi
Sat Jul 30 05:33:43 CEST 2005

Em Sex 29 Jul 2005 23:56, Louis Desjardins escreveu:
> >Hi all,
> >
> >Johannes has set up a Wiki page for a glossary on
> >scribus/DTP/printing terminology. There's already a lot of stuff
> >online, but so far we only have translations in Polish, German and a
> >few in Dutch. We also need even more terms to be added from
> >experienced users/professionals.
> >
> >For many languages, online dictionaries are available, so if you can
> >spend an hour or so with helping to complete the glossary, that
> >would be wonderful. As a starting point, the native language files
> >in the source code will be *very* helpful.

The article is intending to explain DtP terms, fine. But I think you (we) 
should tell what is the mean of each term, not just make a simple translation 
to the X language, so brand new translators (and users) would understand it 
more easily.
We already have translated the GUI (and this terms) to others languages.
So instead of doing that, We could create an English glossary as reference to 
others languages and do localized versions for each wiki's language (only 
Polish and Portuguese yet).
Every translated article to Polish or Portuguese already have a link to the 
english version, so no problem to deal with it.

What do you think?

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