[Scribus] Another Bug, Feature or Just me being Picky? Images Printed Offset

Calum Polwart scribus
Sat Jul 30 01:55:32 CEST 2005

OK, I've tried hunting for any kind of report of this as a bug and can't 
find it... anyone help?

I have a document with 3 images on the page. 2 are on the master page 
and 1 in the 'foreground'

One of the master images prints exactly as it appears on screen - when I 
look at its properties it appears to be inserted as a polygon shape 
rather than a image.  The second image on the master is a jpg image at 
300x300dpi. It is displaced down the page by about 1cm but is pretty 
much horizontally aligned.

The 3rd image (in foreground) is actually a pdf file.  It is a table 
that was created in OO.o and exported to pdf. On screen it appears to be 
left aligned with the text and start just below the bottom paragraph.  
On the prin-out it is indented and displaced downwards.

I suspect the problem (at least with the pdf) lies in the pdf having a 
white margin which I have 'cropped' off by using free-scaling and -17mm 
(the margin width). 

When I run it through pre-flight check I get an error 'object is a 
placed pdf' ??confused - of course it is - I placed it!

I have uploaded a copy of a pdf and a copy of the file here:


so that you can see what i'm talking about...  These both look like they 
should (the pdf has no fonts so may appear funny but the layout is 
there).  When I print directly to either my HP Inkjet or my Samsung 
Laser I get same result.

Here is a post script file showing the problem:


Anyone reported this before?  As far as I can see the work arounds are: 
i. export to pdf and print that ii. crop pictures before importing them 
(haven't tested that to destruction and don't know how to 'crop' a pdf)



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