[Scribus] Bugs, Features or Just me being Picky?

Craig Bradney cbradney
Fri Jul 29 22:43:12 CEST 2005

On Friday 29 July 2005 22:49, Calum Polwart wrote:
> I've been doing my first 'proper' piece of DTP in Scribus today (1.3).
> (First piece using scribus properly, rather than first time doing DTP)
> Some 'features' which are bugging me which I'll happily submit through
> bugzilla (or whatever it is) if people agree they are worth reporting...
> In case anyone is trying to repriduce: The document I am working in is
> an A4 document folded to A5 to form a booklet.  It has 24 pages, and I
> am working in a two page per view setup.
> *When I copy from one page and try to paste to another the paste goes
> onto the scratch space *at the top of the document... ...that's a real
> pain - it means draging bit by bit back down to page 20... quicker to
> re-do the process by hand - but daft - cut and paste should past near
> where I last clicked the cursor.

Known. Will be fixed soon enough in 1.3.1cvs. For now, right click and paste 
to get it to paste where you mouse is at the time.

> *When in text editor and editing a style, trying to close the 'window
> that lists the styles' takes several clicks of OK and / or Cancel to get
> out...* Can't see why.  I have a suspicion that as more styles are added
> it is taking more clicks...

Known. Unsure there too. Its a result of making the story editor non modal, 
will have a look.
> *Hyphenation - window doesn't switch off.* I did have one of the
> 'confirm hyphenation' type settings set, then switched all hyphenation
> off.  When you close the edit text window it still tries to confirm
> hyphenation.  Also if you click 'cancel' it asks twice before cancel works.

If you have it set to confirm, yes you must confirm all. Will be fixed when 
hyphenation is updated.

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