[Scribus] Bugs, Features or Just me being Picky?

Calum Polwart scribus
Fri Jul 29 22:49:28 CEST 2005

I've been doing my first 'proper' piece of DTP in Scribus today (1.3).  
(First piece using scribus properly, rather than first time doing DTP)

Some 'features' which are bugging me which I'll happily submit through 
bugzilla (or whatever it is) if people agree they are worth reporting...

In case anyone is trying to repriduce: The document I am working in is 
an A4 document folded to A5 to form a booklet.  It has 24 pages, and I 
am working in a two page per view setup.

*When I copy from one page and try to paste to another the paste goes 
onto the scratch space *at the top of the document... ...that's a real 
pain - it means draging bit by bit back down to page 20... quicker to 
re-do the process by hand - but daft - cut and paste should past near 
where I last clicked the cursor.

*When in text editor and editing a style, trying to close the 'window 
that lists the styles' takes several clicks of OK and / or Cancel to get 
out...* Can't see why.  I have a suspicion that as more styles are added 
it is taking more clicks...

*Hyphenation - window doesn't switch off.* I did have one of the 
'confirm hyphenation' type settings set, then switched all hyphenation 
off.  When you close the edit text window it still tries to confirm 
hyphenation.  Also if you click 'cancel' it asks twice before cancel works.


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