[Scribus] Can style tags be used when importing text?

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Jul 26 02:41:54 CEST 2005

On Mon, 2005-07-25 at 15:08 +0000, Peter Barnes wrote:
> All my past experience of DTP has been with Pagemaker. I do the basic
> writing and editing of articles in a text editor and add style tags
> ready for import. As long as I have defined a style in Pagemaker, I
> can use it on import, e.g. if I define "Subhead 1" in PM then insert
> <Subhead 1> at the start of the paragraph in the text editor, it will
> be recognized by PM and the style will be imposed. (I map the tags to
> keyboard keys in the editor so that inserting them in text is very
> fast.)
> It is such a simple and foolproof method (much more reliable than
> importing word processor styles) that I'm surprised I cannot find this
> facility in Scribus too (especially because Scribus seems to be short
> of import filters). Or have I missed something?

There has only been a flexible import filter system in Scribus for a
little while. Riku added it in the 1.2.x timeframe. He's written a bunch
of plugins, but AFAIK we haven't had all that much outside contribution.

The approach you mention is a good idea. You can achieve something like
it with the text filter importer, but you'd have to explicitly define
the tags you want to recognise (using regexp matches).

Something more automatic would be cool. If you know any C++ it might not
be too hard to write ;-) since Riku has provided some nice and simple
APIs for text import plug-ins to use.

I'd volunteer, but I have a TODO list that's waaaay too long already and
I won't be adding to it without fairly significant encouragement ;-) .

Craig Ringer

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