[Scribus] OS X version quit issues?

Andreas Vox vox
Mon Jul 25 15:07:39 CEST 2005

netkat wrote:
> It's one I posted about a couple weeks back. I'd
> been working on a document, Scribus (OS X)
> quit on me. When I tried to reopen the same
> document, Scribus would quit again and again.

Ok, I reread that one. If it's caused by unfinished undo system it will 
go away eventually.
In case you need help recovering your file, ask here or on #scribus.

If this bug is still reproducable, please file a bug report.

> I theorize that the document became corrupt when
> Scribus quit; at least one other person reported
> a similar experience.

There's not much we can do if we can't reproduce it and we don't have 
any sample docs or crash reports....


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