[Scribus] Nimbus Italic fonts

Paul paul
Wed Jul 20 18:00:47 CEST 2005

Thanks for a great piece of software. This is my first foray into doing 
layouts and also my first post to this list.  As you'd expect, I'm starting 
with a question :)

How is it, that I cannot select Nimbus Regular Italic and Nimbus Bold Italic? 
(n019023.pfb and n019024.pfb)

When I launch Scribus and use Settings>Fonts all other Nimbus flavours are 
checked for use.  If I check the two missing ones, restart Scribus and try 
again, they disappear as soon as I try to use them.

If I look in the source directory (usr/share/fonts/default/Type1/) they are 
there and KFontView seems to like 'em...

Now getting a bit mystified and would muchly appreciate any help from more 
seasoned users.


Using Scribus with KDE 3.3.0 on FC3 in West Sussex, England

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