[Scribus] Curious cups.h

PLinnell mrdocs
Tue Jul 19 09:39:28 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 19 July 2005 07:12, Martin Langeland wrote:
> So I installed cups-devel from ftp SuSE ( It is not on my disks per
> yast search) and configure gave me a clean slate. The only no was
> the debug option.

Sounds like your disks are the ftp downloads which do not usually have 
all the -devel rpms.

To enable:

./configure --enable-debug

It works for sure. My CVS script uses this:

make  -f Makefile.cvs && ./configure --enable-debug && make

> Make took over three hours with lots of pauses and warnings such as:
> >ml at linux:/work/progs/scribus-1.3.0> make

Three hours is a long time. Even my elderly PII-450 with Suse 9.1 
compiles Scribus in less than an hour from a fresh cvs checkout or 
tarball. You did not mention your hardware. 

A good number of the gdk-buf warnings are from compiling C code with a 
c++ compiler.

> Other warnings seemed to be about number xxxx might be uninitiated.

The current build/autofoo* stuff is setup for debug level info, so it 
is a bit noisy.
> Double checked build instructions and have everything listed except
> TKinter which comes up as python-tkinter. Can't find the first at
> ftp SuSE either.

Search in yast for tk as a package name. You need tk and python-tk and 
any dependencies. python-tk provides tkinter.

> Are there steps to initing  Qt, for instance, beyond installing? 


> Should Make take 3 hours?

See above.

> Thanks again for the help!
> -- ml


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