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netkat at comcast.net netkat
Mon Jul 18 13:04:57 CEST 2005

"DTP" may be more familiar to some people, but 
speaking as an Art Director, I can tell you that 
it isn't a term looked upon favorably by 
designers. It's placed in the category something 
done by tourists, wankers, hobbyists and 
dabblers. My suggestion of different wording is 
not to confuse people accustomed to one term, but 
rather to INclude an entire profession by 
offering more accurate descriptive words of what 
Scribus is.

Plus, 'DTP' doesn't especially mean anything. 
With respect to creating and printing from a 
computer environment, any application could be 
said to offer "desktop publishing" provided you 
can hit "print" within that app, and have output 
come out thru a printer.

Word could be considered DTP under that 
definition. But what differentiates Scribus, 
Quark and InDesign from, say, Gimp or Painter or 
Open Office or Photoshop (all of which offer 
"Print") is that these three applications are 
used to lay out publications, page by page, 
affording a level of control and a tool set not 
found in the others.

Looked at another way, a car and a boat are both 
vehicles, but you wouldn't attempt to drive a car 
across the ocean..


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