[Scribus] starting Scribus 1.3

Thomas Koll tomk32
Mon Jul 18 07:58:39 CEST 2005

Hi Rob,

Welcome to Linux.

Am 18.07.2005 um 05:16 schrieb Robert R. Di Giorgio:

> I downloaded and installed Scribus 1.3.0 according to the  
> instructions in the INSTALL file. It seemed to work OK, that is, ./ 
> compile, make, make install and make clean all ran and ended  
> without error messages at the end. But only Scribus 1.2.2 appears  
> (as "Scribus") in the panel, and I can't find any way to open 1.3.  
> I'm used to finding the .exe file in Windows apps and clicking on  
> them directly if they won't open properly, but I don't recognize  
> equivalent files in Linux. Is there a file I can use to open 1.3.0  
> and create a link to?

Open a terminal and try those two
$ /usr/local/bin/scribus -v
$ /usr/bin/scribus -v

and it will show you the actual version.
If it's 1.3 then type just scribus and have fun with. I'm not used to  
many Linux-Desktopmanagers so you must find out yourself how to fix  
the menu-entry.

If it's 1.2 then try this:
$ locate scribus
locate will show you all important files that match "scribus" and you  
should try to execute them like above.

ciao, tom


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