[Scribus] Playing with Scribus splash

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Jul 17 21:43:30 CEST 2005

On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 15:39 -0400, Gregory Pittman wrote:

> here's what I get:
> tar -xvjf ./Scribus_devel-logo_0.*

OK, first, tar will treat any files after the first argument as a
request to extract /only those files/ from the archive that was the
first argument. So:

tar xvjf archive.tar.bz2 archive2.tar.bz2

does not say "extract all files from archive.tar.bz2 and
archive2.tar.bz2" but rather "extract the file archive2.tar.bz2 from

Second, tar takes '-' to mean 'stdin/stdout' depending on mode. For
extract, it'll be stdin - ie read the archive from stdin.

I don't know where it's getting '-' in your case. The file to read is
taken as the first argument after the 'f' argument, eg:

tar xvzf archive


tar -xvzf -

(note that a leading - is ignored)

but anyway, I'd try again with extracting just one at a time. It's
pretty weird to use tar to contain just one file anyway, so you would
not normally need to go to this sort of fuss.

When I need to extract a bunch of tarballs in one directory I usually
use a simple shell loop, eg:

for f in *.tar.bz2 ; do
tar xvjf "$f"

Craig Ringer

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