[Scribus] Re: Fedora Core3 Install Problem with 1.3

Craig Ringer craig
Sun Jul 17 21:03:03 CEST 2005

On Sun, 2005-07-17 at 20:57 +0200, PLinnell wrote:
> On Sunday 17 July 2005 19:39, Calum Polwart wrote:
> > I am trying to install scribus 1.3.0 on my FC3 box.
> >
> > Have done the following:
> >
> > Downloaded tarball
> > Extracted tarball as root to /usr/share/scribus/scribus-1.3.0/
> BAD idea. You really should not compile as root. 

Maybe it's a good idea to extract our rant from #scribus about this,
tidy it up some, and pop it on the docs site somewhere?

> I would remove that directory. 
> Then extract to $home/build or similar.Then run ./configure and 
> compile as root. 

You shouldn't need to compile or configure as root either. You don't
generally even need to 'make install' as root, unless you want to write
files to places only root has write permission to.

Craig Ringer

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