[Scribus] Understanding application of templates

dann s washko dann
Sun Jul 17 01:01:33 CEST 2005

I'm trying to get a better handle on the template system in Scribus.  I 
can create a document and save it as a template and afterwards it is 
avialable as template when I create a new document from a template.

If I want to add another page based on a template to that document or 
want to apply a template to an existing page, the only template option 
available to me is normal.

If I open a new document with my template and do a select all, then go 
to edit -> templates and create a new template to which I paste the 
content into the blank page, the new template becomes available to me in 
the edit options.  The template created is not available in any other 

Maybe I am understanding what is meant by template incorrectly.

When you save a document as a template is it that this type of template 
can only be used when creating a new document?  Therefore, my idea of 
applying this type of template to a newly created page in an existing 
document will not work.

Does the option to edit a template under the edit menu or when adding a 
page to an existing document utilizes a completely different template 
(what I gather is called a master page)?  This template is not 
accessible between documents, only within the document it was created by.

Is it possible or will it be possible in a future version to make the 
template (master page) available across documents?

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