Re: [Scribus] Scribus Team Releases 1.3.0 - La Liberté

Franz Schmid Franz.Schmid
Fri Jul 15 21:25:57 CEST 2005

Louis Desjardins schrieb:
> Hello all!
> First : *standing ovation* to the Team for bringing us 1.3 ... !
> Second : on the name "La Libert?" I think it's very refreshing... and it 
> has also the quality of being full of sense. Libert? is what OSS is all 
> about. It is common to see the French word "Libre" along with the 
> English "Free" to accentuate on the "freedom" sense of this word instead 
> of "free of charge"... From there, we have FLOSS... Anyway, "La 
> Libert?", for these reasons, didn't sound just only French to me (!) as 
> I understood it more in its whole and wonderful universality.
> The same reasoning would apply to a word such as "Solidarnosc" which I 
> think the whole world knows about! Besides, it can easily be understood 
> by lots of people, even if you don't speak Polish (I think).
> I agree we could have such names for the upcoming Scribus releases. I 
> like the way Christoph considers French, of course!!! At the same time I 
> wouldn't ask for French names all the time! Like Peter puts it, we're 
> going to need to be creative next time!!!
> What we need is a strong and meaningful name, no matter the language I 
> guess. If we dig and get the very best out of each culture and language, 
> we have endless possibilities!
Yes, Louis, you just hit the point, that was what i wanted to say with
this name. And additionally the date just fits to Bastille Day.


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