Re: [Scribus] Scribus Team Releases 1.3.0 - La Liberté

Louis Desjardins louis_desjardins
Fri Jul 15 18:31:40 CEST 2005

Hello all!

First : *standing ovation* to the Team for bringing us 1.3 ... !

Second : on the name "La Libert?" I think it's very refreshing... and it 
has also the quality of being full of sense. Libert? is what OSS is all 
about. It is common to see the French word "Libre" along with the 
English "Free" to accentuate on the "freedom" sense of this word instead 
of "free of charge"... From there, we have FLOSS... Anyway, "La 
Libert?", for these reasons, didn't sound just only French to me (!) as 
I understood it more in its whole and wonderful universality.

The same reasoning would apply to a word such as "Solidarnosc" which I 
think the whole world knows about! Besides, it can easily be understood 
by lots of people, even if you don't speak Polish (I think).

I agree we could have such names for the upcoming Scribus releases. I 
like the way Christoph considers French, of course!!! At the same time I 
wouldn't ask for French names all the time! Like Peter puts it, we're 
going to need to be creative next time!!!

What we need is a strong and meaningful name, no matter the language I 
guess. If we dig and get the very best out of each culture and language, 
we have endless possibilities!

Cheers! and "Vive Scribus" !!!


PLinnell a ?crit :

> On Friday 15 July 2005 13:13, Maciej Hanski wrote:
>>Christoph Sch?fer wrote:
>>>>The Scribus Team is pleased to announce a technology preview of
>>>>the next generation of Scribus - Open Source Desktop Publishing.
>>Congratulations, Scribus Team!
>>>One thing I'd like to suggest: It would be wonderful to have a
>>>French name for *every* scribus release. Since French is probably
>>>the most elegant language in the world, and elegance is more than
>>>often a requirement in DTP, it seems not only logical to me, but
>>>it would also make a difference compared to the common practice
>>>of commercial companies.
>>Maybe we could agree on considering the French release name a
>>tribute to those many frankophone contributors (Martin, Louis,
>>Jean, etc,) who've supported Scribus in every imaginable way over
>>the last years? The elegance of French (although it sounds very
>>stimulating to me too :) is such a subjective thing, it might not
>>be that obvious somewhere outside of Europe...
>>I would vote for using different languages for each  Scribus
>>release name to come, to stress the international approach of this
>>project and sort of say thank you to developers and contributors in
>>their language
>>:) Something like "Die Freiheit" for 1.3.1, "Svoboda" for 1.3.2,
>>: and so
>>on in other languages would be really nice, don't you think?
>>Just an idea
> A good idea... Something we can be creative with the next release :)
> The original idea came from Franz, who was thinking of Bastille Day in 
> France. 
> Cheers,
> Peter

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