Re: [Scribus] Scribus Team Releases 1.3.0 - La Liberté

Christophe Chailloleau-Leclerc zekrap
Fri Jul 15 12:05:46 CEST 2005

> You /can/ use it for production work - as any release. Craig Bradney did
> some professional printing with late 1.3.0cvs recently, for example.
> There is a higher chance of gotcha's in 1.3.0 however, and it will
> become obsolete much faster than a stable milestone as development
> continues rapidly. It depends on how badly you need the facilities in
> 1.3.0 and how much you like to "live on the edge."
Hi everybody,

I can confirm 1.3 is usable in production (if I can give an advice, just 
don't forget to save frequently), since I personally got a job printed last 
week with the latest CVS version.
And furthermore, you can use it even if you're not a DTP specialist : I have 
absolutely no DTP knowledge (I'm a computer scientist), and could achieve a 
near-professional quality (I hope) 12 pages "newspaper" for a friends 
wedding, last saturday. There were no problems at the print shop with the 
generated PDF, except one due to a limitation of the print system (problem 
with black strips on the border of the pages).
It took me a lot of time (it's not my job !) but the result was exactly what 
I was expecting, and it was my very first DTP job.

I forgot to use a few functions that would have helped me, but they are 
present and work : mainly templates and hyphenation (I have a few text 
columns that would have taken a great benefit of this - I missed time to 
finish that (I gave the PDF to the print shop friday morning for friday 
afternoon... )).

I'll try to make it available on the "Made with Scribus" wiki page, but I 
must before check with the texts and photos authors / actors if they permit 
this (else I will replace with lorem ipsum and flower photos... ;-) ) if 
anybody is interested.

I have a few bugs to check in
<>(few crashes for which I can't reproduce the
scenario, but also problems
with unbreakable spaces and a few others)

Thanks all for this great tool, and long life to Scribus.

Christophe Chailloleau-Leclerc

PS : I can only agree with Christoph for the french release name (maybe 
because I'm french ? ;-) )
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