[Scribus] Re: QT4

Andreas Vox vox
Sat Jul 9 15:52:32 CEST 2005

Paul F. Johnson:
> avox wrote:
> > Scribus doesn't work with Qt 4 yet (and the 1.2 branch probably never
> > will).
> That's not *quite* correct. It will, but there are quite a few
> alterations that have to be made for it to happen. The move to Qt4 will
> not be a trivial matter and is something the developer team will have 
> to
> discuss as it does have some far reaching implications.

I just wonder what about my statement wasn't correct.
Does Scribus already work with Qt4?
Or is it quite likely that the Scribus 1.2 branch will be ported to Qt4?


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