[Scribus] Re : Thanks for the Hoary Packages !

Jean Ghali jghali
Fri Jul 8 14:16:27 CEST 2005

 >> For now, I'm catching up with the 1.3 cvs tree. The main application
 >> should be compilable again this week-end. The main things to do now 
 >are :
 >> - add win32 specific code to scpaths

 >When you have a patch for that, yell. I presume you'll use the registry
 >to locate Scribus?

You don't need to look into the registry to locate Scribus, just use :

QString appPath = qApp->applicationDirPath();

The registry will be helpful to locate GhostScript.

 > - deal with popen / pclose in PicStatus::SearchPic()

 >>That code needs total replacement anyway. We should be doing our own
search, preferably a async one that doesn't lock the whole GUI up.

Completely agree. I have used a simple ShellExecute in my private build, 
but it does not reflect what is done in cvs code.

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