[Scribus] Re : Thanks for the Hoary Packages !

Jean Ghali jghali
Fri Jul 8 12:31:27 CEST 2005

 >> Beyond that, I'm not sure what the current status is.

For now, I'm catching up with the 1.3 cvs tree. The main application 
should be compilable again this week-end. The main things to do now are :
- add win32 specific code to scpaths
- deal with popen / pclose in PicStatus::SearchPic()
- deal with sigaddset / sigprocmask in main.cpp : there is no real 
equivalent of these functions in win32

 >> Jean, any instructions on how to get things going using the approach 
you're taking - for a total win32 / MSVC++ newbie?

I'll take more time this evening or tomorrow to (try to) explain how to 
do... First thing to do : get all libs... Have a look at GnuWin32 site 
first :

A tip : on win32, libart should be statically linked for now. art_free 
is indeed  defined as a macro in libart header and this not win32 

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