[Scribus] Aqua snapshot, Ghostscript

Andreas Vox vox
Wed Jul 6 14:10:16 CEST 2005

juh wrote:
> Mh, I see that Scribus finds the GS-Framework:
> HaveGS=32512; result of calling gsc in ghostscript.framework: 32512
> HaveGS=32512; HavePngAlpha=1; gs_exe=/Library/Frameworks/
> Ghostscript.framework/bin/gsc

Hm, HaveGS is supposed to be 0. What happens if you call gsc from 

> But still I get the message on startup, that Ghostscript could not be
> found.

Scribus interprets '32512' as error and decides it's not usable. HaveGS 
and HavePNGAlpha both contain return codes from calling GS.


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