[Scribus] Default printer ?

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Wed Jul 6 08:18:24 CEST 2005

I have two printers that I use with Scribus on this machine.  One is a
HP that's actually connected to this computer, and the other is a
Samsung that's set up as a CUPS network printer that's actually
plugged into another computer across the room.

CUPS is also set on this machine to use the Samsung as the default printer.

When I first load Scribus and go to print a document, if Samsung was
the last printer I printed to during my previous session, then it says
Samsung in the print destination window.  But if I hit the print
button, my document is printed on the HP.  If, before printing, I open
the selector and specifically click on the HP then click on the
Samsung, my document is printed on the Samsung as I expect it to be.

In short, the printer selection is defaulting to something different
than what it says in the selection box.

This happens on 1.2.1 and on; I'm not sure about earlier
versions because I didn't have this HP back then.

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