[Scribus] Aqua snapshot

Andreas Vox vox
Tue Jul 5 17:26:11 CEST 2005


I updated http://aqua.scribus.net with a new snapshot based on 130cvs 
from July 2.

This time there's also a version with debug symbols, which is 27 MB 
compressed and 144 MB uncompressed.  Anyone who has the bandwith is 
invited to use this version and provide me with detailed bug reports 

I think I solved some issues with linked libraries and path access. 
Scribus should pick up the binary from the Ghostscript.framework 
automatically now.

For new install: download Scribus-Aqua-prealpha(-debug) and 
Scribus-Aqua-libraries and follow instructions on website.

For update you only need Scribus-Aqua-prealpha(-debug) and the 
Fontconfig2.framework. The commands fc-cache and fc-list where not 
working in the old version.

Since there aren't many bug reports coming in recently I'm going to 
take it easy with future improvements. Still on the plate are:

* Consistent change of all comboboxes to use QList instead of QPopupMenu
* Color problem in tiffs
* 8 bit filenames



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