[Scribus] Scribus 1.2.1 Problems with PDF export

Richard Hammerl ric
Tue Jul 5 16:00:10 CEST 2005

Am Montag, 4. Juli 2005 19:19 schrieb Craig Ringer:
> If they really must use Quark, they'll have to get it into a format
> Quark won't choke on first. EPS may be an option depending on what the
> file contains - but they'd need to use a decent version of Acrobat Pro
> to save as EPS. You could also try exporting as EPS from Scribus (be
> sure to check the page in GSView - not gv / ghostview) before sending
> it.
> Using TIFF is another option - Photoshop does a good job of rasterising
> PDF. Again, depending on what you're printing this could cause issues,
> and is rather less than ideal. There were issues with the Scribus bitmap
> export, but I think Franz may have just sorted those out, so you could
> try that too.
> Be aware that all these are basically workarounds for their rather
> PDF-incompatible workflow. I've had endless issues with using PDF
> directly in Quark at work, to the point where I don't even try anymore.
> This is Quark 4, but I hear that's one of the things they didn't improve
> as much as they should've in newer versions. That said, I find that
> exporting as EPS (or occasionally TIFF) gets us reliable results, though
> it does mean all documents have to be checked against the original ad
> (just in case).
> Frankly, I'd consider using Quark something you expect from designers,
> agencies, etc. Printers these days shouldn't even need a copy - just
> some good (and *really* expensive) Acrobat plug-ins or standalone
> imposition and preflight software.

Thank you all for your detailed explanation. I will contact my print
shop again and try to find out what and why they are doing it this
way. I hope will find a common solution. Otherwise I will have to look 
for another print shop.

Best regards
Richard Hammerl
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