[Scribus] Stupid N00b Question

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Mon Jul 4 13:53:43 CEST 2005


>I found Insert Special, is that what you mean by Insert Glyph? It
>works, but is kind of clumsy. For one thing, the window opens too
>small and doesn't remember the size you dragged it out to.

Hi John,

There are workarounds for this. BTW not a "stupid N00b Question" at all. :)

1? As much as possible, try editing in OpenOffice. As Riku points it 
in its answer, there is a nice filter that allows to directly import 
.sxw files into Scribus. Most if not all special glyphs will follow, 
including opening/closing quotes and apostrophe.

2? While the search/substitute feature can be applied to only one 
text frame at a time (or maybe it can do more now, didn't test 1.2.2 
stable!) it remembers the last settings. So it is not so clumsy doing 
a systematic search/substitute in a short time frame (unless you have 
a very large amount of frames of course) over an entire document.

3? As Adrianna points it, a script would help doing that, if you need 
to edit further down the workflow. Craig Ringer is even more specific 
on this. I am confident it will lead to a nice feature in the future.

4? I wonder if the feature "Short Words" could be used for that kind 
of automatic substitution. As this is already implemented, it might 
be a better (or faster) option to futher enhance it instead of 
writing or editing a script. Any thoughts?



>Is there a way to do it by Search and Replace? I can't figure out
>how to get 201c, etc. into the Replace box.


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