[Scribus] Features to be discussed: anchoring and library export

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Jul 1 20:17:43 CEST 2005

On Fri, 2005-07-01 at 19:22 +0200, Christoph Sch?fer wrote:

> Anchoring of objects is already available for some time in many word 
> processors. ID CS2 offers a DTP specific solution: Any object (image or 
> text frame) can be anchored to text, and the object need not even be 
> placed in the text frame. That way, marginal notes or images will move 
> with the text.

There's now support for inline objects in text frames in 1.3cvs though,
and I'm not really sure what that approach would gain us.

> From the article, it seemed that saving XML snippets only works with 
> Bridge. If scribus is to provide a similar feature, it should be more 
> flexible. For instance, it might be a good idea to save frames as 
> scribus objects that contain all important informations (styles, 
> properties). Moreover, it might be useful to have the ability to export 
> a whole library for reuse in other projects. Both features will become 
> important at the time more collaboration features will be implemented.

During the collaboration discussion you will have noticed I linked to a
lot of feature requests on the tracker. One of them was for externally
linked text, and another for XML editing. There was also one for the new
file format. They're all around much the same thing as what you
describe, if I understand correctly.

Hopefully, the new file format will permit these things. There's been
discussion of changing things around so that PageItems can generate an
XML snippet of themselves on demand, and report dependencies on any
other objects so they can also be asked to serialize themselves. That
would pretty much provide what you want, and is desirable for quite a
few other things as well.

Craig Ringer

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