[Scribus] Long printing times

Thomas Koll tomk32
Fri Jul 1 10:23:11 CEST 2005


Am 01.07.2005 um 08:37 schrieb Eilert:
> When I print to our digital copier with A3 duplex, it takes  
> extremely long time for the pages to be printed (sometimes more  
> than 5 minutes). The reason is not the network and not my computer  
> but the internal RIP of the copier. It's got a lot of work with the  
> pages which are delivered from Linux. I guess it just takes time to  
> make up the PS code, especially when there are large graphics  
> included.

I have about the same problem, though not that slow.
I didn't test yet due to migrating to MacOSX, but I have the  
suspicion that the reason could be that i've
subsetted some of the fonts when I've exported to PDF.
Also I wonder wether using a OpenTTF could be another reason.

My printer is a Epson C8500PS.

> Maybe the thing would be easier if the copier would just store a  
> page and print it as many times as requested, but it deletes them  
> each time and starts all over. This has the advantage of sorting  
> the copies so you have a complete set of pages each time, but if it  
> went at normal speed without this sorting I would be happier.
> Is the way of telling the printer the number of copies and how it  
> stores them implemented in the PPD? And is it possible to "enhance"  
> it?

AFAIK this depends on your PPD, i found some for my printer which  
include the copies option and some which don't.

ciao, tom


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