[Scribus] Long printing times

Eilert eilert-sprachen
Fri Jul 1 08:37:15 CEST 2005

Hi all, (the question is at the end :-) )

this is a bit off-topic but I hope to find an answer here.

When I print to our digital copier with A3 duplex, it takes extremely 
long time for the pages to be printed (sometimes more than 5 minutes). 
The reason is not the network and not my computer but the internal RIP 
of the copier. It's got a lot of work with the pages which are delivered 
from Linux. I guess it just takes time to make up the PS code, 
especially when there are large graphics included.

There might be help by sending the pages not in Postscript but with PCL 
because then I would transfer much of the RIPping to the computer, but I 
would need to know some printer description that fits to my copier. (The 
copier itself only comes with a PPD for Postscript.)

Does anyone know a PCL6e compatible printer which supports A3 duplex and 
offers this feature to CUPS/kprinter?

Currently I prepare everything by printing from Scribus into Postscript 
and then sorting the thing with psbook and psnup, so the result is PS again.

Maybe the thing would be easier if the copier would just store a page 
and print it as many times as requested, but it deletes them each time 
and starts all over. This has the advantage of sorting the copies so you 
have a complete set of pages each time, but if it went at normal speed 
without this sorting I would be happier.

Is the way of telling the printer the number of copies and how it stores 
them implemented in the PPD? And is it possible to "enhance" it?

Thanks in advance for all your help!


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