[Scribus] Quark user's questions

Craig Bradney cbradney
Thu Jan 27 00:55:58 CET 2005

On Thursday 27 January 2005 00:49, John Kershaw wrote:
> At 12:07 am +0100 27/1/05, Martin Costabel wrote:
> >>Maybe not on unfriendly Mac, but on windows, yes. The arrows are
> >>made for clicking on..
> >
> >It's actually quite standard Mac behavior, too. It's the way how you
> >change the date and time for an iCal item, for example. There aren't
> >even any arrow widgets any more. You either type the numbers or use
> >the up and down arrow keys or the scroll wheel, just like it works
> >in scribus.
> Okay, I'm now eating my hat. I checked InDesign and... tada, I can
> press up/down cursors when I'm in the measurements fields and the
> image does indeed move.
> But. Why would anyone do it like that? If I'm looking at a photo of a
> girl I want to move the image so her hair is just the 'right'
> distance from the top of the page. How will I know? I'll just know.
> And I'll be looking at the image when I know, not the palette.

A) not everyone wants to use the mouse, and Ive seen plenty of quark users 
avoid the mouse

B) sometimes u want to place by measurement (hence the ability to use the 
calculator in those fields, eg try putting in X: of "3mm+100pt+1in-1p".. just 
for fun.. )

> Humble pie for pudding?

Done deal :) Remember.. some of us have used the others.. in fact.. one of the 
things I missed the most from ID when I first started using Scribus was the 
field calculator.

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