[Scribus] Applescript to python tutorial?

John Kershaw john
Wed Jan 26 11:20:09 CET 2005

At 10:25 am +0100 26/1/05, VANEK Petr wrote:
>Python in Scribus knows it all. What exactly do you need?
>see docs for e.g. (tasks you listed above):
>newDoc(size, margins, orientation, firstPageNumber, unit, 
>facingPages, firstSideLeft)
>createImage(x, y, width, height, ["name"]) -> string
>loadImage("filename" [, "name"])
>createText(x, y, width, height, ["name"]) -> string
>setText("text", ["name"])
>setStyle("style" [, "name"])

I got into Applescript by accident rather than by design, which I 
suspect is a well-trodden path.

I used to work for a commercial printer, doing night shifts. I got 
fed up doing repetitive stuff (mostly catalogue work) and heard that 
Applescript could help. I'd messed about with BASIC programming as a 
boy so spent a few post-scripting hours reading up. I wrote a script 
that checked catalogue ids against an excel spreadsheet and updated 
prices, and my boss started to take notice. I got more creative, 
writing Applescript that could script real estate magazine from a 
Filemaker database. Simple stuff for you guys, but to my employer it 
was gold dust. I'm self-employed now, but I still do the magazines 
and stuff on a contract basis.

I'd like to look into moving them over to Scribus/Python, but 
Applescript is the only thing I know. I can get around in Unix 
(ls/cd/mkdir/rm kind of stuff) but not C++/Unix scripting/etc. I have 
done a reasonable amount of PHP/MySQL for web stuff, but that's as 
clever as it gets.

So what I'm after is a step-by-step comparison of how to do the stuff 
I know how to do in Applescript/Quark, using Python. I suspect 
there's a lot of people in the same boat.

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